Telling the right story

One of my greatest strengths is my ability to facilitate constructive discussion with a group of diverse perspectives and personalities. This is essential in the design process when framing problems and exploring solutions. Following are a few examples of tools and methods I use for communicating better and telling the right story.

Mapping a new product workflow

At Salesforce, I joined a newly formed product team to create an app to help marketers create targeted social advertising audiences. During one of our initial meetings, I visually mapped functionality and workflow elements as they were being discussed.

Illustrating a journey

Journey maps are a great tool at the onset of a project that explores a part of the user experience that isn't well understood by a team. Following is a journey map I created for OurHealth before a redesign of the appointment scheduling interface. 


Sometimes a more visual representation of a discussion is helpful in remembering and analyzing it afterwards. I like to sketchnote to capture the most important ideas of a discussion or talk, and to have an artifact to share with a team afterward.

Following are sketchnotes I took during a UX design team meeting at Salesforce, in which we discussed the principles that guide our design decisions.